Updated ISOs

We had several reports that the new ISOs booted slowly and that the Live Installer crashed on some hardware.

At first we thought these issues were limited to the SolydX RPI2 edition as was reported here, but it seemed that all ISOs were infected by the same problems.

These issues were severe enough to update the ISOs which are now available for download (see links below). This includes the Community Editions.

You do not have to download these new ISOs if you already have downloaded the 201512 version. You can follow the instructions described below.

If the Live Installer crashes:
Start a live session, open a terminal and run these commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install live-installer


If the boot process is slow:
Open a terminal and run this command:

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces


Comment out the lines concerning the eth0 interfaces so that they look like this:
#auto eth0
#allow-hotplug eth0
#iface eth0 inet dhcp

If you prefer the updated ISOs you can download them from our main site’s download section.

SolydX: http://solydxk.com/solydx
SolydK: http://solydxk.com/solydk
SolydX RPI2: http://solydxk.com/solydx-rpi2
Community Editions (32-bit/Enthusiast’s Editions): http://solydxk.com/community-editions

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