Update Pack impressions III: STEAM Installer

In this third part of the Update Pack Impressions I’d like to introduce a nifty little program I created to install STEAM on SolydXK.

STEAM is the well-known game platform which was recently made available for Ubuntu. Unfortunately, the Debian users were a bit left out, but with the STEAM Installer you too can play STEAM games on SolydXK!

As soon as the next UP is available, you can simply run this command:

sudo apt-get install steam-installer; steam-installer

STEAM Installer will be part of the next SolydX and SolydK iso’s.

STEAM Installer

One thought on “Update Pack impressions III: STEAM Installer

  1. Steam Installer broke with UP 2013.06.06
    Please, purge Steam Installer: sudo apt-get purge steam-installer

    You can play Steam by simply installing the steam package from our repository: sudo apt-get install steam

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