Update Pack impressions II: LightDM Manager

In this second part of the Update Pack Impressions I’d like to show you a little application we made for our SolydX users.

SolydX comes with the display manager LightDM which is that screen where you type your password to login.
Unfortunately, if you wanted to change its behavior, you needed to manually change some configuration files, which is not particularly user-friendly.

Now, with LightDM Manager, you can simply change these settings:

  • Auto-login for a selected user so you won’t have to type your password on every boot.
  • Change the theme
  • Change the background image

As soon as the next UP is available, you can simply run this command:

sudo apt-get install lightdm-manager

LightDM Manager will, of course, be part of the next SolydX iso.

LightDM Mangager

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