UP 2013.11.06 09:00 UTC

On 08 November 2013 at 09:00 UTC we will synchronize the production repositories.

Those who haven’t upgraded from the testing repositories, and depending on whether you’re a SolydX or SolydK user you will have between 200MB and 750MB of packages to download.

After the go-live, I’ll start building the new iso’s.

You might have a slow download if people upgrade at the same time. Try again at a later date or time.

If you are following our mirrors: they will follow later, and I will keep you posted on their progress.

If you encounter any problems, post your findings here: http://forums.solydxk.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=1991

To prepare you for the upcoming UP, I’ve copied the Update Manager’s UP info page here, and I recommend you to carefully read it before you start upgrading:

Update Pack 2013.11.06


These are the highlights.

  • Firefox and Thunderbird
    Firefox has been updated to version 25.0, and Thunderbird to version 24.1.0
  • Sambashare and Usermanager
    The mate packages in SolydX are not functioning properly, and are being replaced by the custom made applications “Sambashare”, and “Usermanager”.
  • LightDM Manager
    You can now change the user icon, and hide or unhide the user list.

Update information

Read this whether you update with the Update Manager, or terminal.

  • SolydX and SolydK
    Grub-pc is updated. You need to keep the configuration file, and select the device where you installed grub. Usually you can keep the first entry: /dev/sda
  • SolydX
    If you replace the LightDM configuration files, don’t forget to run LightDM Manager before reboot to set your preferences.
  • SolydX
    To integrate the new Sambashare into Thunar, open the “Custom Actions” dialog in Thunar: edit > configure custom actions, and remove all but one of the Samba actions.
    Edit the remaining one, and replace the command with:

    sambashare %f %n

    You can also edit ~/.config/Thunar/uca.xml manually.

Update with the Update Manager

The Update Manager can be opened from the system tray by clicking on the shield icon . Click the “Refresh” button to refresh the list of packages that can be updated. Click on the “Install Update” button, to update your system, and follow any additional on screen directions.
It is that easy!

Issues and workarounds

We recommend using the Update Manager to update your system, but if you prefer using the terminal, please read the below steps carefully.

  • Pre upgrade
    Replace Mate packages

    sudo apt-get purge mate-*; sudo apt-get install usermanager sambashare

    See above to integrate Sambashare into Thunar.

    Remove libxvmcnvidia1

    sudo apt-get purge libxvmcnvidia1 libxvmcnvidia1:i386

    Pre-upgrade some packages

    sudo apt-get install libegl1-mesa-drivers libegl1-mesa-drivers:i386 libc6 libc6:i386

    Now you can run dist-upgrade.

  • Post upgrade
    After the dist-upgrade finishes, and you’re using Nvidia, you run the following command before reboot:
    sudo apt-get install –reinstall nvidia-kernel-dkms

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