UP 2013.09.06 ready

UP 2013.09.06 is now synchronized with production, and you can safely update your systems.

We recommend to use the Update Manager to upgrade your system.
The Update Manager will handle all the necessary installs and configuration.
If you still prefer to use the terminal, please read the UP information page carefully, which was also posted in our previous post: http://solydxk.com/up-2013-09-06-0600-utc

You might have a slow download if people upgrade at the same time. Try again at a later date or time.

The NLUUG mirror has been synchronized, but unfortunately Internode hasn’t.
I asked them to look into the matter, but for now, please use our own repositories, or the NLUUG mirror.

The upgrade has been successfully tested on SolydX, SolydK, and SolydK BO.

You can get help and post any UP related issues here: http://forums.solydxk.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=1430

8 thoughts on “UP 2013.09.06 ready

  1. Thanks for your work. I really appreciate it. I can’t register myself in the forum. Never received the mail to activate my account. Thanks again.

  2. I SolydK 64 running on a lower end Dell computer from 2009. Before the update it was a little slow. Now it’s running faster than any KDE distro I’ve ever tried on this PC!

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