UP 2013.06.06 ready

UP 2013.06.06 is now synchronized with production, and you can update your systems.

The Update Manager will be updated first, and after the Update Manager restarts, the Update Pack is available.
Take a look at the Update Pack info, or our previous post before you start the upgrade.

The upgrade has been tested successfully on SolydX and SolydK.

You can get help and post any UP related issues here: http://forums.solydxk.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=719

2 thoughts on “UP 2013.06.06 ready

  1. Knowing where you started this project from. I’m curious why you chose to strike out on your own. What is fundamentally different about your disrto now versus where you began, other than using the xfce and kde desktops? Any plans for a highly polished openbox version? Vsido is one I was looking at but they have the remastersys program to install it with which is very limiting and no repos to upgrade an existing debian system from. Crunchbang and Sparkylinux just aren’t quite it either. I’m guessing if you looked at all of those as examples, you could make a mighty fine openbox distro that has repos and uses a real installer…

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