The unofficials have officially been put to rest

Clem Lefebvre of Linux Mint has announced his plans with the unofficial LMDE KDE / Xfce:

The unofficial LMDE KDE and Xfce editions are now discontinued. I’d like to thank Schoelje for the fantastic work he has done within our community. Rest assured that his efforts, and your feedback, did not go unnoticed.

We talked a lot Schoelje and I. The next logical step for LMDE KDE and LMDE Xfce is to get official releases and proper QA testing. Because the demand is too low and the team is too stretched that can only be done via community editions (which are official, but for which there are no commitments made on the release schedule).

Schoelje hesitated when offered the maintenance of these projects and eventually declined. As official Mint editions he would have lost the ability to release when he wanted and as often as he wanted, to present ISOs publicly without following QA and some of his design decisions would have been reverted. In the end of the day it boiled down to whether he was interested in following his own vision or do things the Mint way. There are a lot of pros and cons associated here and I fully respect his decision. Schoelje now focuses on a new distribution called SolydKX (

Fred is the maintainer of the main KDE edition and he’s also currently coordinating the Cinnamon and MATE UP6 releases. He will take the LMDE KDE and Xfce editions through QA and probably eventually release them as official community editions.

You’ll hear more from Fred soon and although it’s outside of our scope I wish Schoelje the very best.

The unofficial LMDE KDE / Xfce forum threads are closed:

Support for Device Driver Manager and Debian Plymouth Manager has gone upstream:

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