The future of SolydXK

There has been quite a bit of discussion in the community regarding the maintainability of the Home Editions. Over a year ago we started SolydXK with the ambition to create a stable distribution, for businesses and organizations, based on Debian testing. To realize the best of both worlds, having Debian’s stability and also have up-to-date software, we created regular snapshots called ‘Update Packs’.

Our team has done its utmost to achieve that ambition, but unfortunately we have come to realize, with the limited resources we have available, we cannot meet our standards and reach our goals.

Our main goal is to create a stable and secure distribution for businesses and organizations. We will need to focus on those things that will help us attain our goals. So, we have decided to make some changes:

  • When Debian’s current testing release (Jessie) becomes stable, our Home Editions and Business Editions will merge and become our new main editions. They will be based on Debian stable. We will provide businesses and organizations a subset of up-to-date software. Additionally, home users will be offered to use a complete set of up-to-date software through our complete backport repository which is not fully tested on SolydXK.
  • At that time, we will stop providing the Home Editions as semi rolling editions with Update Packs. We will however provide truly rolling editions following Debian testing directly. They will include snapshot ISOs, to be released at regular intervals, maybe twice or three times a year. Other than that, these rolling editions will not be officially supported! They will have to be carried by the community.

The current Home Editions with Update Packs and ISOs will continue as usual until these changes come into effect.

We will try to make the transition as smooth as possible by pointing the current Home Edition repositories to the new stable (i.e. Jessie) ones. The rolling editions may turn out to be far less stable than the old Home Editions were meant to be, so staying with the new rolling repositories should be a conscious decision. The current Business Edition repositories should remain with the current stable (Wheezy) to avoid unwanted major updates for businesses/organizations.

More details about these changes will be made available once they have been worked out.

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