The future of SolydK KDEnext

Among other things, SolydXK focuses on being “Stable and Secure”. The SolydXK distribution team has re-evaluated conditions and has determined it to be in the best interest of both the distribution and our SolydK users to re-align the KDE component of SolydK to track Debian Testing.

KDE Version 4.12.4, the same version in current SolydK installations, is currently arriving in Debian Testing. This means that, unless things move quickly with Debian Testing, our KDE users, may not see a version upgrade of KDE with the next Update Pack. In addition and for the foreseeable future, the KDE in SolydK will not be quite as “cutting edge” as we have enjoyed for the past year.

There are trade-offs in every decision. In exchange for our KDE not being quite as fresh, we will be enjoying better stability; KDE will be tested, evaluated, and integrated by two independent teams, the Debian-KDE team and again by the SolydXK team.

The SolydXK Team

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