Stand by

March 1 2013: grand opening!


  • Testing the current iso’s until Tuesday February 26
  • Upload the definite iso’s on Thursday February 28.
  • Go live: March 1.

4 thoughts on “Stand by

  1. So, is this what would traditionally be called an rc, or what. In any case, downloaded to try . And thanks in anticipation. Mel

  2. Since i discovered and started to use Linux Mint with version 7 Gloria, i have been an ardent Mint fan. I never thought that i would even consider leaving Mint until now. As a KDE user since Suse Linux 6.1, no other desktop UI has truly garnered the love or the appreciation for me and my use as KDE has. With the constant branches and forking of Gnome (Gnome shell,Cinnamon,Mate,Unity etc.) i have truly come to appreciate KDE`s commitment to one UI done right. I understand and painfully moved step by step as KDE moved from the 3x series to the new and improved 4x, and never abandonded it as many did. It took time to see the vision that the KDE team had, but now KDE is really showing why it was the main choice of many Linux users and distros. Recently, although i am using Linux Mint 13 KDE, i began to feel that i needed a Linux distro that was based on KDE to get the most it had to offer. So as a second partition on my hard drive, i installed Chakra Linux. I was satisfied with this dual boot situation although i did miss the updates that Chakra provides that LM was trailing on. The most up to date version of KDE being the greatest factor. Your distro answers my concerns and i thank you for your undertaking of not only KDE but XFCE as well, as i know there are users of it that feel as i do about KDE. Like Chakra, this rolling release on a debian base (it is rolling isn`t it?) provides another alternative to a great Linux experience that keeps my system current without the need to reinstall the entire system when new versions are available. I know that there may be issues with your distro as these things do occur with new distros as you weed through and fine tune the system. I look forward to installing and using the new SolydXK and hope to see it rise in the DistroWatch ratings. I consider myself a Linux purist, not needing other non Unix systems and as such i will promote this distro as i have LM to all who consider a migration to Linux.
    P.S. Perhaps (if there is not already), a You Tube video on your distro will help to increase the familarity and usage to others.

  3. Thank you very much for this positive feedback.
    We have a tutorial section with SolydXK video’s on our main site.
    These video’s are linked to our Youtube channel:

    Do you mind if I repost your post on SolydXK’s social media channels so that more people can read about it?

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