SolydXK 9 released!

In the past three weeks we have been testing, improving, developing and exercising parts of our vocabulary that our mothers didn’t even know we had but finally we are satisfied with the result. It is time to release the new SolydX and SolydK version 9.


  • New themes for SolydX and SolydK. You can choose a light or dark theme.
  • Solydxk Systems has a GUI now where you can encrypt partitions (and your USB flash drive), localize your system, select the fastest repositories, hold back packages and cleanup your system. The encryption part of this application is functioning but still in beta. Use at your own risk!
  • The backport repository was removed by default but can be enabled in the new SolydXK System application.
  • The solydx/k-info packages were integrated in the solydx/k-system-adjustments packages and are now obsolete.

Discontinued applications

  • Updatemanager is replaced by applications from Debian’s repository with similar functionalities and the new SolydXK System GUI.
  • SolydXK Softwaremanager has been replaced with an application from Debian’s repository.
  • Lightdm Manager was replaced with lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings
  • Device Driver Manager (DDM)
  • SolydXK Conky
  • (SolydK) XKSudo
  • (SolydK) kcm-ufw
  • (SolydX) User Manager was replaced with gnome-system-tools
  • (SolydX) Sambashare was replaced with gadmin-samba

Upgrading existing systems
There are two ways to upgrade your SolydXK-8 system to SolydXK-9: a fresh install or upgrading your existing system. It is preferred to download the ISO and do a fresh install (backup your data first!) but if you prefer to upgrade your system we have prepared a script to aid you in the process:

After download, unpack, make the script executable and run the script.
Important: check the output of the apt commands. All systems are configured differently and you might remove packages that you really don’t want to be removed!

If you do not want to upgrade just yet, don’t worry! After the release of SolydXK-9 I will keep the solydxk-8 repository available for another year. Firefox and Thunderbird will be updated in the solydxk-8 repository but they are not tested with SolydXK-8. Again, use them at your own risk!

SolydX RPI
Unfortunately, I have to stop developing SolydX RPI. It was fun doing it but it simply took too much time and effort and I still couldn’t get it to function to the standards I want for SolydXK.

Localized versions
The Dutch version is ready for download. The rest will follow and I will let you know when they come available.

Community Editions
Frank is working hard on the 32-bit and Enthusiast’s Editions. When they are ready I will let you know.

You can find more information, and download the ISOs on our product pages:

For any questions or issues, please visit our forum: