SolydX RPi3 64-bit testing help needed

For a client I needed to create a desktop client for a Raspberry Pi 3. Unfortunately, there was too little time and Raspbian was chosen to solve the client’s issue. However, I thought it was a shame not to do anything with the work I had done. So, I finished the image and I now plan to release it as a community effort.

This image is based on Michael Stapelberg’s 64-bit image. It follows Debian Buster and as this is current testing it will have some bugs that need attention.

Known bugs:

  • The system hangs regularly. It usually happens when several CPU intensive tasks are writing to the SD. I can only Ctrl-Alt-F2, login as root and reboot.
  • The Network Manager does not show an icon in the system tray. I’ve tried to report it as a bug in network-manager-gnome but the bug report was refused every time.
  • Firefox ESR is incredibly slow but maybe I’m just impatient or it’s the hardware causing it. I could replace it with Midori but I’d rather keep things the same as the other ISOs.
  • The Bluetooth module is untested and disabled by default in /boot/firmware/config.txt

User info:
User: solydxk
Password: solydxk
Root password: solydxk

Note that this image will only work on the Raspberry Pi 3

Please, post your findings on our forum if you find out how to solve these issues or find issues of your own.