SolydX Business Edition

The SolydXK Team is proud to announce the new SolydX Business Edition!

SolydX Business Edition (BE) runs the Xfce desktop, and like SolydK BE it follows Debian stable, rather then Debian testing. This ensures the most stable environment, especially suited for businesses, and organizations that require a reliable operating system.

Compared to SolydX Home Edition, SolydX BE is using LibreOffice as an office suite, rather then Abiword, and Gnumeric. As for all Business Editions, SolydX BE comes in a 64-bit version only.

Furthermore, we created our own stable repositories. In conjunction with our Update Manager, this will ensure greater control over package updates, and repository transitions. SolydX BE is using these repositories by default. The other Business Editions will follow after the next Update Pack. You can check your sources.list here:

You can read more about SolydX BE, and download the ISO from the product page:

SolydX BE

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