SolydK Business Edition released and new iso’s!

The SolydXK team is proud to announce the Business Edition of SolydK: SolydK BE!

SolydK Business Edition has been created for businesses and organizations with stability and security in mind. While the home editions of SolydXK were developed to be stable and still having the latest software available, the SolydK Business Edition has been developed to provide “Long Term Support” based on Debian Stable.

SolydK Back Office has been added to the Business Editions, and like SolydK BE, it is now based on Debian Stable.

The Home Editions consist of the 32-bit, and 64-bit editions of SolydX, and SolydK, including the SolydXK Multi DVD. They are still based on Debian Testing with our well-known Update Packs.

Our main site has been changed to reflect these changes. You can find more information on our product pages:
SolydK Business Edition:
SolydK Back Office:
SolydXK Multi DVD:

For any questions or issues, please visit our forum:

7 thoughts on “SolydK Business Edition released and new iso’s!

  1. you guys always know what I’m thinking. I was plan to install solydk for my working station and to not update for a long period to assure the stability, and here you give me the business edition, exactly what I want. Brilliant!

  2. What a great new! Now with all the security of the stable Debian branch I don’t need to probe a live disk first, I already had installed your marveloust and flamant Solydk BE in my productive pc’s without any fear. Thanksful for this wonderful work!

  3. This makes me wonder how long the home edition will be supported.
    I thought it was supposed to be a semi-rolling release.

  4. There is no difference in the duration of support between the business and home editions: they belong to the same SolydXK family 😉
    Businesses tend to need more stability, and less disruption by updates than the home user who wants the latest in software. Hence, the birth of SolydK BE.

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