Site and forum unavailable

You all must have noticed that the site and forum were unavailable for quite some time.

Yesterday’s and today’s issues were unrelated according to Dreamhost:

My apologies for the issues this morning with the tuba mysql server. I’m one of the mysql stability admins and have been working with the server admins to get this server permanently fixed up. There were actually two issues with it the last few days, the first one was due to too small of a /tmp partition, which was fixed yesterday, and the other issue appears to be that it is running the wrong kernel. The kernel is meant for shared webservers and not mysql servers, so it was causing stability issues with the mysql services. The admins are still working to get the server switched to the new kernel or adjusting parameters to allow it to run normally. At this time it is back up and running the incorrect kernel, and services are restored. Once this change is complete, the server should be up to the usual high mysql uptime standards.

Hopefully this is fixed and we’ll be able to use the site and forum as we were used to.

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