SolydXK focuses on security and privacy of its users. Firefox has been configured to let you browse the web as safely as possible. However, you can improve your privacy greatly when you use a VPN service. A VPN service allows its users to browse the web anonymously and securely.
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Secure access to the internet

Cybersecurity may seem very complex, but NordVPN makes it as easy as it gets. Cutting-edge technologies shield your internet activity from hackers and malware, protect you on public Wi-Fi networks, and even block annoying ads. NordVPN protects your IP address and makes sure that no one else can see which websites you visit or what files you download.

NordVPN integrates perfectly into SolydXK

NordVPN LogoYou can install the NordVPN application with system tray icon through the SolydXK Welcome screen. The NordVPN logo sits in your system tray and indicates whether you are safely connected to the internet or not. Right click on the NordVPN logo to connect, see the status of your connection or set your personal preferences.

Help SolydXK

If you create a new NordVPN account SolydXK will get a small commission which will help us keep improving SolydXK.

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