Server maintenance

Due to server maintenance, the mirror download for the ISO’s will be temporally unavailable.

Naming convention will change:
Currently, we use ISO names like “solydk32_latest.iso”.
Although that is a good idea from the maintainer’s point of view, it is not very user friendly.
So, that will change into “solydk_201401.iso”, and thus will include the version number.

Direct downloads will still be available, but it will take some time until the mirrors are synchronized.
The torrent files were also adapted, and downloads will be slow until the mirrors are synchronized.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

2 thoughts on “Server maintenance

  1. Sounds great. Thanks for keeping us up to speed. Sounds like I should d/l the new torrents and keep them running.

  2. Most mirrors are now done, and the product pages were updated.
    This means that the torrents will be fast enough, now that these mirrors provide the web seeds.
    You can test it by seeding with the new torrent file: rename the iso (e.g.: solydk_201401.iso). It should recognize the iso, and start seeding that.

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