Rebooting SolydK Back Office

Some of you might remember SolydK Back Office. With my business background it was one of my most favorite side-projects and I really had a hard time when I was forced to discontinue this project due to lack of time.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of rebooting the project but this time releasing and maintaining the edition under a license. I know that the Linux community has some reservations concerning commercializing open source software but perhaps we can make an exception for this edition. Building and maintaining SolydK Back Office is very time consuming and the target group (businesses) might even consider the OS because support is guaranteed under the license (I haven’t thought about the license, yet. It’s too early for that now).

So, what do you think? Is SolydK Back Office worth rebooting under license? If you’d consider SolydK Back Office for your business, what would you expect being included in the license and which software would you absolutely need included in SolydK Back Office?

I’ve created a topic on our forum to discuss this subjects. So, please post your thoughts and comments here:

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