Ready for the transition and new ISOs

The team has been toiling night and day to make the transition to Debian Jessie and Debian Wheezy as smooth as possible for you.

Everything is ready and you should now be able to upgrade. If you experience connection problems while attempting to upgrade this is probably due to a request overload of our server. Just wait a bit and try later.


Please, read the information page of the Update Manager, or my previous blog carefully before you start the upgrade.
These topics were made available on our forum if you need support:
HE to Jessie upgrade
BE to Wheezy upgrade
BE to Jessie upgrade

After the transition I will keep the old Debian repositories until February 28, 2015:



With this transition come new ISOs and what better way to celebrate this new start then with a nice “nip ‘n tuck”?

For both SolydX and SolydK the theming has changed. SolydK comes with the QtCurve theme, SolydX with Greybird and both use the fabulous Evolvere icon theme. After the installation you will be presented with a complete new welcome screen and most SolydXK tools were updated as well. We hope you’re going to like this new edition.

The 64-bit versions are now available for download from the product pages. The 32-bit versions are community editions and will follow as soon as they are done. They will be available for download from the community editions page in the downloads section.


I want to thank everybody who helped making this all possible. I especially want to thank Frank (Grizzler) for making sure that all the home edition users received all the security updates they needed and thank you all for stepping up to keep this great distribution rolling!

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