3 thoughts on “Quidsup’s review of SolydK

  1. Nice? I would say you got a “homerun” (pun definitely intended). 95% is good in any test. He just kept repeating how you guys have “gone the extra mile”; so, so very true. Using SolydX on my old faithful, but cannot wait to get one that will run SolydK. Thanks for all your hard work. Just keep knocking them out of the park.

  2. I haven’t heard Quids heap that much praise on a Linux distro since ZorinOS 6 Ultimate Edition.

    I think if the Homerun Launcher was available on SolydK, the Ubuntu diehard Quids might actually switch!

  3. My advice is to change to Solydk or Solydx. After being with a lot of distributions, Solydk is the best taste that left me. Encourage work that is fantastic and the best I’ve seen.

    Thank you.

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