Package update – ndiswrapper

If you’re using Windows drivers for your hardware, you probably use ndiswrapper.
Unfortunately, ndiswrapper version 1.5.8 cannot compile on kernel version 3.9.x, which is the version that comes with the latest Update Pack, and exits with this message: “too few arguments to function ‘add_taint'”

I just uploaded a patched version of ndiswrapper-dkms to our repositories.
So, if you need ndiswrapper with kernel 3.9.x, open a terminal and run these commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-dkms

You can find bug details here:

2 thoughts on “Package update – ndiswrapper

  1. sorry i do not arrive to create my inscription on your forum but you must know that it is impossible to work with two screens
    with solydk i have try many times please give me the solution
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  2. I encourage you to ask your question on our forum.
    There are more people there that have a similar setup as you, and they might be able to help you.

    There is even a French forum if the language is a problem.

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