SolydXK 10 released based on Debian Buster

The SolydXK Team has worked long and hard to create yet another solid release. We are proud to announce SolydXK 10 based on Debian Buster!


  • Based on Debian Buster 10.1 release with the latest kernel version 4.19.
  • Live ISO can now be booted with localisation support.
  • New Grub2 theme.
  • The USB Creator was rebuilt from scratch to improve stability, speed and maintainability.
  • Many bugs were resolved and we changed the SolydXK Firefox settings even further to improve user privacy. This is done in the firefox-solydxk-adjustments package which can be purged if you don't need it.
  • We thouroughly cleaned up the ISOs removing any packages that are not strictly needed without compromising system stability and safety.


We wanted to offer our users the convenience of extra online privacy with the VPN services of NordVPN. If you create a new NordVPN account SolydXK will get a small commission which will help us keep improving SolydXK. You can install the NordVPN application with system tray icon through the SolydXK Welcome screen.

More information:

Localised ISOs

The new ISOs can now be localized from the startup (Grub) menu. Localized ISOs are therefor dropped.

Enthusiast's Editions

Work is still done on the Enthusiast's Editions. They will be released at a later date.

SolydX RPi3

We've dropped the SolydX RPi3 image. There was not enough interest to continue development and maintenance on this project.


For the past six years I have been the sole programmer on the SolydXK project. I faithfully uploaded all sources to Github since then but for nobody's benefit. I have removed the SolydXK account to minimize my development efforts. The sources are still available in our repository.


You can download the ISOs from our community site:

Do not forget to verify your download before you use it.


If you like SolydXK and you would like to financially support SolydXK, you can make a PayPal donation:

Enjoy this new release!