SolydXK 10 point release 10.4

The SolydXK Team has worked long and hard to create the next point release based on Debian Buster.


  • Based on Debian Buster 10.4 release with the latest kernel version 4.19.
  • usr directories have been merged where the /{bin,sbin,lib}/ directories become symbolic links to /usr/{bin,sbin,lib}/.
    More info on the subject:
  • Many bugs were resolved and we changed the SolydXK Firefox settings even further to improve user privacy. This is done in the firefox-solydxk-adjustments package which can be purged if you don't need it.

Enthusiast's Editions

Work is still done on the Enthusiast's Editions. They will be released at a later date.


You can download the ISOs from our community site:

Do not forget to verify your download before you use it.

Enjoy this new point release!