SolydXK 10 and Virtualbox

Virtualbox breaks in SolydXK 10.

Before Debian Buster was released the Debian team decided to not make Virtualbox available for their users due to "lack of cooperation from upstream on security support for older releases" *.

Until a few days ago we could provide the Virtualbox packages by adding the version from Debian testing to our own repository. Unfortunately, these versions are now built against a libc version that is not available in SolydXK 10. This broke the installations of Virtualbox in SolydXK 10.

I have decided to build Virtualbox from source for SolydXK 10 and make these packages available in our repository. These packages should also work for Debian Buster and other Debian Buster derivatives.

You can install Virtualbox in terminal:

apt update
apt install virtualbox-qt

* Source: