Main site up again

The main site was unavailable for a couple of hours but is now up again.

The down time was caused by failed caching. The corrupt cached files were then served to the visitor who only saw random characters. This seems to be solved now but if you find anything unusual about the site, please let me know.

Thank you all for your donations

About a month ago, it was on Christmas day, I called for help and asked for a donation so we can continue this beautiful project.

Your gifts resulted in a total amount of $498 or €467.
With the raised money we are able to pay for this year’s server costs.

This year there will be a lot to do. If all goes to plan, Debian will release Stretch as the new stable and SolydXK will follow as soon as possible after that. Of course, only after everything is done to the standard everybody is used to. Another major change is something we normally do not worry much about. Our repository is running on old Squeez and needs to be upgraded badly. The plan is to upgrade as soon as Stretch becomes stable. During that time the old server will continue to work until the new one has been tested thoroughly. When the time comes I will let you all know.

I want to thank everybody who donated to SolydXK. Without your financial help this project couldn’t continue. I also want to thank everybody who help making this operating system as good as it is and making the forum a good place to be for both experienced users and newcomers alike.

Have a good year and hope to see you soon on the forum!

Best regards,

Arjen Balfoort
Founder SolydXK

New SolydXK ISOs – 201701

It is time again for the new SolydXK ISOs!

The ISOs are fully updated and numerous bugs were resolved. These editions do deserve their naming: they are incredibly solid!

The localized Dutch version is available for download as are the 32-bit community editions. The other community editions and localized editions will follow later. I will post the release of those editions as soon as they are ready. I’ll leave the previous versions for download until then.

There are now two mirrors available and I will update the mirrors list as soon as they have synchronized.

Important: if your SolydXK system has been fully updated you won’t need to download and install these ISOs.

You can find more information, and download the ISOs on our product pages:
SolydX RPI:

For any questions or issues, please visit our forum:


Donation page fixed

Some users complained that Paypal’s payment page wasn’t in English but in Dutch. For some reason that made it difficult to complete the donation 😉

Now, I encourage you all to start learning Dutch of course, but before you do, I’ve changed the donation plugin and now all should be in English again.

Let me know if you have problems with the donation page:

Happy Holidays!

It has been quite an eventful year but in the midst of all this turmoil we’ve created a place where we can come together and exchange ideas and help each other whether you are new to Linux or a veteran. I created SolydXK almost four years ago and I’m proud to see what it has become. We did that together. Some came and went, some came back later but most still use SolydXK today or visit our forum once in a while. Whatever the reason, I hope that we will continue working together on this marvelous OS. I could not do it without you.

That said, it has been over a year since I last asked for your help but unfortunately, it’s that time again. If you have something to spare, please consider a donation for SolydXK.

I’d like to use this opportunity to wish you and your families happy holidays all the best wishes for 2017 and thank you all very much for your help!

Best wishes,

Arjen Balfoort

Adobe Flash plugin update

Adobe just released version 24 of the Flash player and it’s now available in our repository.

For this new version I created a new package called solydxk-flashplugin for Firefox which will replace the old solydxk-flashplugin-11 if it is installed. For Chromium I created the solydxk-pepperflashplugin package which will replace pepperflashplugin-nonfree if it is installed. I will keep the old solydxk-flashplugin-11 in our repository in case anyone needs it (just as I did with solydxk-flashplugin-9).

Only install Adobe Flash if you really need it!

If you have any issues regarding these new packages, please visit our forum: