Beta testing SolydXK-9

Debian has released Stretch and we’ve started testing the beta ISOs.

I’ve started a topic on our forum for this purpose. It includes beta ISOs for SolydX and SolydK, the changes that were made and beta scripts to upgrade existing SolydXK-8 systems to SolydXK-9.

We do need your help testing the ISOs and upgrade scripts. So, if you have some time to spare, please visit our forum and get those ISOs and scripts:

Main site up again

It seems that our main site was down for the past 8 hours.

Users were presented with an error message on the WordPress Jetpack plugin. That has been solved now and the site is available again.

My apologies for the inconvenience.


Arjen Balfoort

Update – getting ready for Stretch

In preparation of Debian Stretch becoming the next stable we decided to make some changes in the SolydXK specific configuration packages which means that the following packages are now obsolete:

  • solydx-info
  • solydk-info
  • solydx-system-adjustments
  • solydk-system-adjustments

They are being replaced by these packages:

  • solydx-system-adjustments-8
  • solydk-system-adjusmtents-8

When these new packages are successfully installed, the old system-adjusmtents packages will be removed with the next boot or you can safely remove it manually by the following command:

apt purge solydx-system-adjustments


apt purge solydk-system-adjustments


SolydK users might want to remove these packages unless you are using the provided icon theme and want to keep using these icons:

  • evolvere-icon-theme-vivid-sunken
  • evolvere-icon-theme

They were replaced by these packages:

  • evolvere-icon-theme-flat-vivid-sunken
  • evolvere-icon-theme-flat-vivid-sunken-dark

During this update the entry for the solydxk repository in the /etc/apt/sources.list file will be changed to:

deb solydxk-8 main upstream import


This will prevent your system to automatically upgrade to Debian Stretch when we switch the default SolydXK repository from solydxk-8 to solydxk-9 for Stretch. You can decide whenever you are ready for the upgrade by simply changing the sources.list file. We will provide a howto when that time comes.

As you can see we created the next stable SolydXK repository called solydxk-9. This repository will contain the same files as our current solydxk-8 repository but with some specific packages added for the next release based on Debian Stretch. I’ve recently started a topic on our forum where people can try out the alpha releases of these ISOs. They are under heavy development and by far ready from being used as a production system but if you want to have a peek on what’s coming next and want to help out debugging, here’s the link:

If you have any problems with this update, please visit our forum and post your question there:

Main site up again

The main site was unavailable for a couple of hours but is now up again.

The down time was caused by failed caching. The corrupt cached files were then served to the visitor who only saw random characters. This seems to be solved now but if you find anything unusual about the site, please let me know.

Thank you all for your donations

About a month ago, it was on Christmas day, I called for help and asked for a donation so we can continue this beautiful project.

Your gifts resulted in a total amount of $498 or €467.
With the raised money we are able to pay for this year’s server costs.

This year there will be a lot to do. If all goes to plan, Debian will release Stretch as the new stable and SolydXK will follow as soon as possible after that. Of course, only after everything is done to the standard everybody is used to. Another major change is something we normally do not worry much about. Our repository is running on old Squeez and needs to be upgraded badly. The plan is to upgrade as soon as Stretch becomes stable. During that time the old server will continue to work until the new one has been tested thoroughly. When the time comes I will let you all know.

I want to thank everybody who donated to SolydXK. Without your financial help this project couldn’t continue. I also want to thank everybody who help making this operating system as good as it is and making the forum a good place to be for both experienced users and newcomers alike.

Have a good year and hope to see you soon on the forum!

Best regards,

Arjen Balfoort
Founder SolydXK