New team members!

May I introduce our new team members: Scott Quier, and Sam Riggs.

Welcome to the team!


Scott Quier


Scott Quier
forum administrator, tester.

I’ve been married for almost 35 years to my best friend and, I have a son who is a US Army veteran and an IT consultant. I’m a US Air Force veteran, I’ve studied Chemistry, Business Administration, Computer Resource Protection, and I’ve been an IT consultant and database designer/developer for 20+ years.

My first exposure to Linux was in 2003 but found it lacking in tools to support my hobby/passion (photography). It was my son who reintroduced me to Linux at that end of 2012; started with Linux Mint, played with LMDE, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora, etc. I stumbled on SoldyXK in the March/April 2013 time-frame and been here ever since. Linux and Debian/SolydXK are still so new to me I’m learning something every day!



Sam Riggs


Sam Riggs
graphical designer, project leader.

I have been an artist all my life, and have been working as a graphical designer for various companies, and also as a freelancer.

When computers took over the art world, I had to learn how to use them. This was also the time when I started studying programming and web development. Currently I develop apps for Android, which for me is a perfect mixture of artwork and programming. I discovered Linux in 2009 and haven’t turned back since. To create my artwork I solely use open source art programs.


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4 thoughts on “New team members!

  1. Congrats Sam and Scott! You both contribute so much and I’ve learned quite a lot from you both. Glad to see you as part of the team!

  2. Be very welcome, and godspeed your work and this project. May SolydXK live long, long time (and prosper, why not) 😉

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