New SolydXK ISOs released!

It is time again to release the new SolydXK ISOs!

All SolydXK ISOs are fully updated, including the latest kernel release with the Meltodown vulnarability patch. The ISOs come with a system configuration tool called “SolydXK System Settings”. Following is a list of features added since the 201707 releases:

  • Device Driver Manager (DDM) has been integrated.
  • Debian Plymouth Manager has been integrated.
  • Add new partitions to Fstab.
  • Safely remove old kernel packages.

After installation you can choose additional packages from the Welcome Screen but unfortunately, I had to remove the business application LetoDMS (document management system) as installable from the Welcome Screen. It installs just fine but I haven’t been able to get it to work. I’ve removed the package from our own repository but if you need an Open Source DMS, I recommend to take a look at SeedDMS.

For our German users I’ve decided to officially maintain the German localized ISOs of SolydX 64-bit and SolydK 64-bit. You can download them from the Localized Editions page.

Not all mirrors have synchronized yet but I’ll add them as soon as they come available. The Community editions (32-bit) and the Enthusiast’s editions (based on Debian Buster) will follow later and I will post that as soon as they are released.

Download pages


Statistics of 2017

To start the new year I’d also like to share some fun statistics of 2017 with you.

Site visits (Top 10)
United States: 32289
Germany: 14569
Turkey: 10275
Japan: 9566
United Kingdom: 9531
Italy: 9396
Canada: 7928
Spain: 7400
France: 5866
Brazil: 5077

SolydX 64: 12927
SolydX 32: 1319
SolydX localized: 366
SolydX EE: 955

SolydK 64: 4931
SolydK 32: 314
SolydK localized: 110
SolydK EE: 370

Posts: 3515
Unique posters: 193

Well, The Netherlands didn’t even make it into the top 10 of site visits. It seems that I have work to do to let my fellow countrymen know that a Dutch operating system exists 😉

Enjoy these new ISOs and visit us at our forum: