New SolydX RPI for the Raspberry PI 3

A few days ago I received the new Raspberry PI3 and soon found out that the current SolydX RPI2 did not boot on the Raspberry PI3.

I downloaded the latest Raspbian and adapted that for SolydX. This version works on both the Raspberry PI2 and the Raspberry PI3. Still, like the previous version it won’t work on the Raspberry PI1.

There are a few things left I’d like to improve and I’d like your help solving or improving those. If you have a spare RPI2 or even RPI3 and you find a (better) solution for these issues, please let me know:

  • Webkit changes the mouse cursor to the default mouse cursor. This happens with the SolydXK Welcome Screen and the default browser Epiphany when you hover over the loaded HTML page. I haven’t found any solution for this issue.
  • Audio and Video are not synchronized in VLC. I had to increase the audio by 800 milliseconds in VLC to get it synchronized but somehow it doesn’t feel like a proper solution.
  • Raspbian builds packages especially for the Raspberry PI. Does anybody know if, and how, it is possible to replace those packages with Debian pure packages?

You can download the image here:

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