New SolydX and SolydK iso’s available

The new SolydX and SolydK iso’s are now available for download!

libreoffice4 SolydK now comes with LibreOffice 4
SolydX users who prefer to have LibreOffice 4 instead of the pre-installed office packages, can easily install LibreOffice 4 through the software manager
steampowered Both SolydX and SolydK come with Steam Installer
The Steam Installer prepares your system for Steam and installs Steam on your system. Now you can enjoy playing Steam games on SolydX or SolydK without having to configure anything yourself.
lightdmmgr LightDM Manager lets you modify some basic settings for the SolydX display manager LightDM.
You can select a user to automatically login (so you don’t have to provide a password anymore), and you can set the theme and background image of LightDM.

Of course, the iso’s are all upgraded to the last Update Pack (version 2013.04.06). So, you’re completely up-to-date.

Now, go download the new iso’s here:

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