New releases!

Hi all,

It is time for a new release!

The new ISOs are based on Debian’s first “Jessie” 8.1 point release. Several bugs have been patched since then and this release promise to be absolutely rock solid!

You can download the SolydX and SolydK ISOs from our main site’s download section:

Community Editions
Frank has built the 32-bit community editions. These community editions are built and supported by the community. You can download these ISOs from the “Community editions” page:

From the same page you can also download a SolydX edition for the Raspberry PI2. I was looking for a cheap system for my son to learn Linux and some programming but perhaps there are people out there that could use it. You can find installation instructions on the download page.

We will have to wait a bit longer for the Enthusiast’s Editions. The currently available kernel in Debian testing is unbootable in a live environment. So, those will follow later when that bug has been patched upstream. If you cannot wait, you can still download and install the testing ISOs which you can download here: Do not forget to run an update after installing that ISO.

I want to thank everybody involved for your work to make these community editions possible!

Forum changes
The regular forum visitors already noticed some changes in the forum’s structure. Jocelyn has taken up the task to simplify the forums, leaving just a few sections where you can post in your own language.

The current SolydXK site themes do not function well on mobile devices. So, I am slowly changing the SolydXK sites to a responsive theme. Starting with our forums. New users will see the new responsive theme by default. Current users can switch to the new theme manually or keep on using the old theme. You can switch between themes when you open your “User Control Panel”, click on the “Board preferences” tab and select the theme of your choice in the “My board style” drop down box.

I hope you are going to enjoy these new releases and see you soon on the forums!

Kind regards,

Arjen Balfoort (Schoelje)
Founder SolydXK

One thought on “New releases!

  1. I’ve been a ‘Distro Hopper’ for many years. SolydX is just what I’ve been searching for. You guys have done a marvelous job; Debian, rolling release, and a super thought out, good looking desktop, as well as a nicely put together software selection. I’ll be running SolydX a bit more before making my final call and before a contribution. (Hopefully more than the maximum of 2-3 weeks as with any previous distro.) You guys have done well. I hope to see this distro move up the ratings. This is what a Linux Distro should be. Thank You. Thank You. And… Thank You!

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