New iso’s!

The new SolydXK ISO’s include the latest updates from the September Update Pack, and they now point to our new repositories.

These are the highlights

  • KDE
    Santa has made KDE 4.11.1 available.
  • Kernel
    The kernel has been updated to version 3.10-2
  • Firefox
    Firefox has been updated to version 23.0.1

You can download the ISO’s here:
SolydK Back Office:
SolydXK Multi DVD:

You can read more about the September Update Pack Here:

For any questions or issues, please visit our forum:

7 thoughts on “New iso’s!

  1. True, but with the new repositories, new iso’s were needed, or else new users would have to change their sources.list file right after they downloaded their brand new SolydXK.
    That would not be a good first impression.

  2. You keep polishing and fine tuning. I love the little things you do that make a big difference, like the icon panel selection. Wonderful stuff.

  3. The stability of the Live CD is great! I ran the 32-bit ISO on an older PC and it was 10x faster than WinSLOWs Vista!

    Just one minor issue I noticed: Chromium is set as the default browser under “System Settings > Default Applications,” despite the fact that it’s not installed on the ISO.

  4. SolydK 32 bit. It blew away Vista!

    Unfortunately I’m still keeping Windows until I find a native Linux solution for using Netflix within Google Chrome.

  5. Oh and the default browser thing is minor. I already installed Chromium so it just launches now.

    The other option would be change the default to Firefox.

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