New ISO’s for the Business Editions and mirror status

Both SolydK Business Edition, and SolydK Back Office are fully updated.

The regular Firefox version has been replaced by the ESR (Extended Service Release) version of Firefox.

Thunderbird comes now with these add-ons pre-installed:

  • Lightning: integrated calendar
  • Shrunked image resizer: make your photo’s smaller before sending
  • FireTray: minimize Thunderbird to the system tray
  • ImportExportTools: export mail to other systems

LetoDMS has been replaced by SeedDMS, and Zurmo, OrangeHRM, and ProjectLibre were upgraded in SolydK Back Office.

You can find more information, and download the ISO’s on our product pages:
SolydK Business Edition:
SolydK Back Office:

For any questions or issues, please visit our forum:

Almost all ISO mirrors are now synchronized, and available for download.


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