Multi-boot USB Creator

We had an application to create a bootable USB using the ISO files directly. Unfortunately, the application was rather buggy and I couldn’t find the reason why. So, I decided to start anew and keep things as simple as possible.

This new application supports several distributions (see the list below) and can be installed from our repository:

sudo apt-get install usb-creator


You can also download the deb and sources files here:
The Github project page:
If you want to help translating:
This is the relevant forum topic:

I’ve been trying out various distributions and creating menus in /boot/grub/grub.cfg especially for them.

These I’ve done successfully:

  • SolydX and SolydK
  • Ubuntu (and probably its derivates as well but obviously not tested those).
  • Debian Live.
  • Debian mini.
  • Regular Fedora.
  • Arch dual and Arch boot.
  • Mageia regular.
  • Manjaro.
  • Gentoo.
  • Slack.
  • Knoppix.
  • SysRescue.
  • CloneZilla.
  • Gparted.

Not tested:

  • Debian regular (not live or mini).
  • OpenSuse regular and live (I haven’t got a pen drive big enough for the ISOs).
  • CentOS regular and live (I haven’t got a pen drive big enough for the ISOs).
  • Antix.
  • PartedMagic

No worky:

  • Fedora live.
  • Mageia live.

I could use some help on those I couldn’t test and those that I can’t get working.
If you want to add or change anything. You can find all the relevant code at the top of /usr/bin/usb-creator.

You can create a pull request in Github, or post your changes on the above mentioned link to our forum.

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