Mozilla Shield Studies and other unwanted addons

Recently one of our team members, Ilu, has reported Mozilla’s misuse of Firefox’s addons. One of those addons is called “Shield Studies” and described by Mozilla’s wiki as:

Shield Studies is a function of the Shield project that prompts a random population of users to help us try out new products, features, and ideas.

As users are randomly selected there is not much the team can do about this. However, I’ve updated the firefox-solydxk-adjustments package for solydxk-9 and the Enthusiast’s Editions but this will only prevent the use of these addons for newly created users. Existing users can either disable the addons in Firefox’s preferences pane or prevent the addons from being installed in the first place by manually editing their prefs.js file and add the following entries:

user_pref("experiments.enabled", false);
user_pref("experiments.manifest.uri", "");
user_pref("experiments.supported", false);
user_pref("experiments.activeExperiment", false);
user_pref("experiments.activeExperiment", false);
user_pref("network.allow-experiments", false);
user_pref("extensions.pocket.enabled", false);
user_pref("dom.flyweb.enabled", false);
user_pref("extensions.shield-recipe-client.enabled", false);
user_pref("extensions.shield-recipe-client.api_url", "");

The prefs.js file is found in ~/.mozilla/firefox/your_user_profile/

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