Sebastião Guerra has been so kind to mirror our repositories.
His server is located in France.

If you want to switch to this mirror, you can simply select it in the preferences window of the Update Manager, or if you prefer the terminal:

deb http://solydxk.gnurra.com/packages/production/ solydxk main upstream import kdenext
deb http://solydxk.gnurra.com/debian/production testing main contrib non-free
deb http://solydxk.gnurra.com/debian/production/multimedia testing main non-free

2 thoughts on “Mirrors

  1. I have a dvd create 1/10/2014 that I was able to install Gramps because I messed up and had to re-install Solydxk the new install and update to 1-15-2014 I can not install gramps. I had hope in finding it in your mirrors. Can you help me.

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