Mintcast interview with Schoelje

Scott Newlon and Rob Hawkins of have interviewed Schoelje discussing the new SolydXK distro.

You can listen to the podcast (mintCast 151: SolydXK) from

3 thoughts on “Mintcast interview with Schoelje

  1. Great interview! I loved hearing what Schoelje has in store for SolydXK, and I think it’s safe to say that small businesses have the very first Linux distro that actually thinks of them, rather than their being an afterthought. I’m glad to hear that the developer of my favorite distro (LMDE KDE) is taking such a fresh look at creating a Linux distro. It makes me sorry I didn’t know to get on board the SolydXK train while it was in initial testing but I’m sure glad I got on board for the release.

  2. Have to also agree with the great interview. Schoelje’s true interest for maintaining and creating something brand new was clear, yet you can tell he’s going to be in this for the long haul. So it got me hooked! Posting from my new install of SolydK right now. Thanks! The distro is really great.

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