Migration of the main site and forums completed

The migration seems to have completed successfully.

Separating the sites from the repositories will hopefully prevent that our sites will be unavailable next time there is a new Update Pack or new iso’s to download.

If you encounter anything out of the ordinary on the main site or the forum that could be caused by the migration, please send me an e-mail: schoelje@solydxk.com

2 thoughts on “Migration of the main site and forums completed

  1. solydxk est la chose la plus merveilleuse qui soit allier debian et kde
    avec une telle reactivité.c’etait mon desir le plus cher.mille fois merci
    à celui qui l’a realisé.

  2. Google translate:

    solydxk is the most wonderful thing that combine debian and kde with such reactivity. it was my greatest desire. a thousand times thank you to the one who has realized.

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