Migrating server to Europe

The last few weeks I have been working on migrating our server to a European based ISP. I will be migrating the following domains in fases. Starting with forwarding the .com domains and sub-domains to new .nl domains:

  1. http://downloads.solydxk.com forwarding to https://downloads.solydxk.nl
  2. http://repository.solydxk.com forwarding to http://repository.solydxk.nl
  3. https://forums.solydxk.com forwarding to https://forums.solydxk.nl
  4. https://solydxk.com forwarding to https://solydxk.nl

The first two have no expected impact and will be effective in the course of the day. The download section of the SolydXK site will still be available but the ISOs will be downloaded from the European server instead of the USA server. You can adapt your sources.list file but you don’t have to. The server will forward the current solydxk.com repository to the solydxk.nl repository.

I want to migrate and update the forum next Tuesday. During that migration the forum will be unavailable and I will blog both the start and the end of the migration of the forum. You won’t need to change your bookmarks either because I will keep the solydxk.com domain.

During next week we’ll test the forum and if all is well, I will announce the new site the week after.