Localizing ISOs with SolydXK Constructor

As you all might know, the SolydXK team uses the SolydXK Constructor to maintain the ISOs. Up until now it was difficult to create a localized version of the SolydXK ISOs. That feature was not implemented in the SolydXK Constructor and had to be done manually.

So, I was looking for a simple way for ISO maintainers to create localized SolydXK ISOs. It would help those who need a localized ISO for their customers or simply want to maintain a localized version of SolydXK for our community.

I’ve added this feature to the SolydXK Creator and I successfully created Dutch versions of the 64-bit SolydX and SolydK ISOs which you can download and try here: http://downloads.solydxk.com/localized/

If you want to maintain a localized version for the community, please contact me or send me a PM on the forum.

SolydXK Constructor is in the repository:

sudo apt install solydxk-constructor


Here’s a tutorial (but start by reading the help file 😉 ): http://forums.solydxk.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=774

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