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Jack M. Germain has written a wonderful review of SolydXK.

Young doesn’t always mean immature. Offering both Xfce and KDE as desktop options, SolydXK is not only polished and fast, but its desktop choices deliver solid computing power and convenience without being clones of other Linux distros. Rarely do I try a Linux distro that instantly makes me want to put it on all of my computers. SolydXK does just that.

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4 thoughts on “LinuxInsider review

  1. I was really looking forward to this (Xfce) but cannot connect with it. I have both DSL and mobile broadband and cannot work out how to configure either. Why not a simple connection tool as supplied with Xubuntu, Voyager etc? No matter I thought, I’ll register and ask in the forum only to be foiled by the captcha no matter what I disabled to get it to work. 🙂

  2. I agree with this review, I’m just trying it in a vm. But for first time I try a new distro that I would really like to use in all my computers and on clients computers (actually I use linux ubuntu and I’m looking for an alternative desktop to unity with better KDE than kubuntu or fedora, it seems to be a good option)

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