Linux Voice

There’s a new Linux Magazine: Linux Voice.

In their second issue they have published a review of SolydXK.
Linux Voice has been so kind to let us publish the review. You can grab it here:

About Linux Voice

Linux Voice is a new independent GNU/Linux and Free Software magazine from the most experienced journalists in the business.
It’s different in three key ways:

  • 50% of our profits will go back to the Free Software community, developers and events
  • Our content will be freely licensed (CC-BY-SA) after nine months, for the community to share
  • We are making this magazine for Linux users, and not to satisfy shareholders or middle managers

Linux Voice was originally funded by a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign that raised £127,000 from over 2,000 subscribers. Today we have over 2,500 subscribers, and our readers are loving the magazine.

Each month the magazine (print or digital) includes 114 pages of in-depth tutorials, features, reviews and interviews from a team with decades of experience.

So, just head over to Linux Voice, and check out this great magazine:

Linux Voice


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