Help translating!

Recently one of our community members suggested to use Transifex for the translations of our SolydXK tools. Transifex is an on-line translation tool. You do not need any specific skills other than knowing how to translate English into your language and the only tool you need is a web browser and of course, some of your precious time.

So, I’ve added all our tools to our Transifex account and integrated Transifex into the source of those applications. Now, with every new build the translations are automatically updated from Transifex into that tool. So, our software will always have the latest translations.

I’d like to invite everybody who would like to help out translating our tools like the Live Installer, the Update Manager or one of the other tools we’ve created to make using SolydXK easy.

Translating with Transifex is easy and fun to do!

Go check it out here:

6 thoughts on “Help translating!

  1. Ok Schoelje. Its very good! Right now I translate on russian language DDM, Live Installer, Slideshow and Update Manager.

  2. Tell me please. Do I have to wait for an update .iso? Or, they will automatically come to an installed system?

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