Community Editions

This page is dedicated to the SolydXK distributions made by our community members.

These Community Editions use SolydXK as a base, but were adapted for a specific purpose. Community Editions are not tested or supported by the SolydXK team. You can download and use these editions here, but you do so at your own risk. For support, please visit our forum.

You can verify your download with:


SolydXK 32-bit

The 32-bit versions of SolydX and SolydK follow Debian stable and offer the same stability the official SolydXK releases offer.

SolydX 32-bit Verify: GPG, SHA
SolydK 32-bit Verify: GPG, SHA


SolydXK Enthusiast’s Editions

The Enthousiast's Editions (EE) of SolydX and SolydK follow Debian testing.

You will get updates more regularly and if you need or want to have the “latest and greatest” this is the edition for you. Remember that by using the Enthusiast’s Editions you have an increased risk of breakages and you’ll need to feel comfortable working with the terminal.

SolydX EE 64-bit Verify: GPG, SHA
SolydK EE 64-bit Verify: GPG, SHA
SolydX EE 32-bit Verify: GPG, SHA
SolydK EE 32-bit Verify: GPG, SHA


SolydX RPi3 64-bit

This image is based on Michael Stapelberg’s 64-bit image. It follows Debian Buster and as this is current testing it will have some bugs that need attention.

Use the following command to write the image to an SD card:

sudo dd if=~/solydxrpi3_xxxxxx.img of=/dev/sdx bs=64k oflag=dsync status=progress

Where ~/solydxrpi3_xxxxxx.img is the path to your img file and /dev/sdx is the device path of your USB flash drive (Do not append a partition number, so do not use something like /dev/sdb1).

Important: Make sure the device path is correct when using dd. There is a risk of damaging your system.

SolydX RPi 64-bit Verifieer: GPG, SHA