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  1. A rather nice review although he surprised me when he said SolydK came with Muon for package management, because I know there are still issues just with building packages, let alone getting them onto our LiveDVD.

  2. Honest review.. Using both SolydK (KDE)and SolydX (XFCE) variants I can say that both are very stable, and by adding Compiz to SolydX (see how to’s in forums), and adding a few themes and icons sets. It can be as ‘snazzy’ as anyone would like… ~8^)

  3. @BostenPeng
    Yeah, no Muon (at least for now). AFAIK it is the SolydXK version of mintInstall (very heavily tweaked).

  4. Compared with other distros I’ve used SolydXK only really falls flat in two areas.

    First, it doesn’t support anywhere near the latest version of the NVIDIA drivers. I had to do a manual install of the latest drivers through the command line, and that was a huge hassle! When I tried switching to the VESA driver so I could install the new NVIDIA driver through the DDM it borked my xorg and I had to clean things up in the CLI before I could get going again. Even then the install was anything but intuitive with all kinds of conflicts with the NVIDIA installer. I finally got it working, but I get the sense that doing this even on Arch would be a lot easier. I appreciate including Steam in the installation, but when running 3D games the old driver gave me a lot of screen tearing and slowdowns. Not acceptable.

    Second the language support is distinctly subpar. I had rebuild a bunch of files in the CLI to get Japanese input support working, and getting Ibus working was a nightmare. Most user-friendly distros deal with this through a nice GUI interface.

    All that being said, now that I finally have things up and running I appreciate having a nice safe KDE rolling release with some good repo selection that I can just stick with and not have to worry about upgrades. Thanks for all the hard work to the devs!

  5. Hi Kyle,

    Could you share this on the forum. This way we could try and improve some of the things you mention.

    About DDM: its purpose is to aid users to install the drivers available in the repositories. As you found out, manually installing the latest drivers, and then using DDM will cause trouble.


  6. Hi Schoelje,

    “About DDM: its purpose is to aid users to install the drivers available in the repositories. As you found out, manually installing the latest drivers, and then using DDM will cause trouble.”

    That wasn’t what I did.

    1) I installed the normal NVIDIA driver through DDM (No problems), found out that it wasn’t up to snuff.

    2) Decided to install the latest driver, and used DDM to install VESA driver so I could easily remove the installed NVIDIA driver in an X environment.

    3) Installed the VESA driver through DDM then followed the reboot prompt.

    4) Rebooted and found that my computer could no longer boot into X11/KDE.

    5) Used apt to remove all the NVIDIA components.

    6) Managed to boot into KDE with the VESA driver now that the conflict was resolved

    7) Ctrl+Alt+F1 into the command line, deactivated KDE, managed to install the NVIDIA driver with after fiddling with the gcc version and ignoring the warning prompts in the installer that told me the installation wasn’t going to work.

    8) Rebooted back into KDE with a working updated NVIDIA driver.

    The problem with DDM occurred at points 3 and 4, BEFORE I installed the new NVIDIA driver. Sorry for pointing the bugs out on here, I’m used to reporting bugs on the Linux Mint blog and will try to use the forums from now on. Thank you again for your hard work, I will be sending a donation to the project soon.

  7. +1 for the complaints about language support.

    I really appreciate the efforts you have put into this, but the language support is really something you should work on.

    I do get ibus, but it is stuck in German, all other languages greyed out. I installed the necessary packages for Korean input. I did also try to change locales, which did “kinda” work. I now have now three locales installed according to dpkg, but lightdm shows no language choice and my keyboard is still stuck in German layout.

    I had a similar problem on LMDE, but in that case I had Korean only and a German keyboard. (Don’t ask how I got to that…) which I could change at login and override in ibus.

    I am writing this from a LMDE(xfce) machine, since I had to ditch solydx for the time. Which SUCKS because I really liked what I was seeing and had everything ready to go. It never even occured to me to check ibus first, before I started customizing to my needs. Now I have a beautiful solydx machine with almost (!) everything I need to switch over… except Korean input, which is essential.

    So… pretty please… can somebody look into this?

  8. I depend on the community to fix these kind of things.
    So, if you want to help out, please go to our forums, and propose the changes that you think are needed.

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