8 thoughts on “Dedoimedo: best KDE distro of 2013

  1. Awesome! Great to see just an awesome project getting the recognition that it deserves. Keep up the good work! 😀 Hope to see more recognition along the way.

  2. Looks like being the new kid on the block hurt SolydK this time.
    But well get em next year !

  3. I wanted to follow up on an email I sent to you a number of weeks ago praising your distro and entire development team.

    I want to report that my wife can’t find anything wrong. When my wife can’t find anything wrong with something, it’s the equivalent to “turning lead into gold!!!”

    I haven’t been called to fix anything on her laptop which must be some kind of record.

    Again, outstanding and well done!

  4. That is a good one!

    The truth, though, is that SolydXK’s strengths ARE being tested by the most important testing group of all, the everyday user.

    If anyone can find a way to make a perfectly good pc have a problem, my wife can. And I’m very proud to say she is
    H A P P Y because she can’t cause a problem with SolydXK !

    Thank You Everyone!

    P. J. Long

    ps: now I am testing with the second person that causes problems with pc’s my Father.

  5. Considering SolydK beat out Mint KDE, and only comes behind openSUSE, Kubuntu, and Netrunner makes me happy. The first two have been around for years and Netrunner is rather snazzy.

  6. I used to run OpenSUSE. Then I switched to MintLMDE. I resented it lacking KDE. Finally, I switched to SolydK. Great distribution. I just love it.

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