Get Involved

Join the community

If you think that SolydXK is a great distribution, and want to help out, you can start by helping your fellow users on the forum. Each post makes our community stronger and our distributions a bit better.


For all Python coders: please, help developing our custom packages. You can find sources at Github.


If you feel you can make SolydXK more beautiful, more user friendly, and you’re good at designing, just go to our forum, and start a new project.


Our custom packages need translations. It’s simple to do, and will be appreciated by many. You can help translating on our project page at Transifex.

Let people know

You can never have enough publicity. So, if you run a blog, or want to write an article in your magazine, please contact us and we’ll provide you with all the information you need.

We always want to get in contact with organizations with mutual interests to develop partnerships that is beneficial to both organizations. Send us an e-mail if you want further information about sponsorship or partnership with SolydXK.

Mirror our repository and ISOs

We’re always looking for mirrors to mirror our ISOs and our repository. We run our custom packages mirror (about 200G). If you have the space and bandwidth left, you can rsync your repositories with ours. When you have mirrored or want to mirror our ISOs or repositories, just drop us an e-mail with the url’s.

Read more about how to mirror our ISOs and repositories on the Mirrors page.