Check spelling in Firefox and Thunderbird

A regression was found in Firefox and Thunderbird: check spelling isn’t functioning.

If you install a myspell dictionary (myspell-en-us is installed by default), it cannot be used in Firefox or Thunderbird.

To remedy this, run these commands in terminal:

sudo rm -rv /opt/firefox/dictionaries
sudo ln -sf /usr/share/hunspell /opt/firefox/dictionaries
sudo rm -rv /opt/thunderbird/dictionaries
sudo ln -sf /usr/share/hunspell /opt/thunderbird/dictionaries

Then open Firefox, go to a page with a form, right-click in a text field, and make sure you selected “Check spelling”, and that you selected the appropriate language:

Firefox check spelling settings image

Now, when you type something in a form, the text will be automatically checked for spelling.


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