BE repository updated

The repository for the Business Editions were updated.

Firefox and Thunderbird ESR

The regular version of Firefox, and Thunderbird have been removed from the business repository, and have been replaced by the ESR versions. If you prefer the regular versions to go with your Business Edition (BE, or BO), you can add the packages repository for our Home edtions to your sources.list. You can leave the current versions installed, or downgrade (remove, and reinstall FF/TB) to ESR with these commands:

sudo apt-get purge firefox* thunderbird*
sudo apt-get install firefox-l10n-en-us firefox thunderbird-l10n-en-us thunderbird

Replace “en-us” with your language code. The downgrade will not affect your bookmarks, or e-mail, but you’ll probably have to check your add-ons.

SolydK Back Office

ProjectLibre is now packaged by the maintainers of ProjectLibre. This makes our own package obsolete. You can upgrade by running this code:

sudo apt-get install projectlibre

This is a one time action: with the next update, ProjectLibre will be updated automatically

LetoDMS is being replaced by SeedDMS. SeedDMS is a fork of LetoDMS, and contrary to LetoDMS, it is actively being developed. You can install SeedDMS (alongside LetoDMS) with this command:

sudo apt-get install solydkbo-seeddms

Both solydkbo-letodms, and solydkbo-projectlibre are still in the repository. However, these packages are no longer maintained, and have been replaced by solydkbo-seeddms, and projectlibre respectively.

The next SolydK Back Office ISO will have SeedDMS instead of LetoDMS, and the ESR versions of Firefox, and Thunderbird.


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