Annual Report 2013

It was a turbulent year, and it was dedicated to the start up of our Linux Distribution.
This deserves a moment to look back, and look at what we have achieved together.

This is our first Annual Report.
You can download it here: download pdf

8 thoughts on “Annual Report 2013

  1. With all the hard work going into SolydXK it is great to see the project flourish.

    The report makes interesting reading and I wonder if you could share more details for some of the charts. The top 10 hits per country is hard to read so a count per country would be nice to see. It would also be interesting to see the OS breakdown per visitor.

    Wishing you much success in 2014.

  2. Thanks, Fandangio.
    No changes will be made to the annual report. We also do not register any data on visitor, or user level.

  3. Very well written report. Interesting read. Good luck with your 2014 plans. BTW, your charts were very clear on my pc.

  4. Hi, I’m installing Solydx on a pc of mine. I like it a lot, because of the xfce desktop and the reason that it is a rolling release. I have LMDE installed on my production pc but I think it takes too long before a update pack comes. LMDE is the forgotten child of Mint.

  5. Nice report!

    I have used Linux on/off since about 1999, and your X-distro is, well, from the first livecd moment it’s been above anything else I’ve tried: simple, stable, small footprint, rolling release, really great – for me, at least, as I don’t need any bells and whistles: it should just work as unnoticed as possible, and that is exactly how it is.

    Right at my first SolydX livecd boot, some 3-4 months ago, I immediately installed it as dualboot and never booted into my XP again, and I also removed all the other distros from all my computers (Manjaro is great, Voyager too, but…) and all the other ISOs I was keeping “just in case”. The only thing I needed to add after the installation was LibreOffice, and then it’s been just perfect ever since!

    And then I also got it installed on 4 computers at my work, one of them even single boot

    I’d like to help you with promotion and marketing if I can and if you need/want it… or with other things, planning, organization, management, if you need/want it… or, just buy some promo T-shirt or something else with your logo on

    Thank you very much for all what you have done so far and for all what you will in the future.

  6. I have just installed SolydX in a virtual machine to experiment with it.
    I really like what I have seen so far and I also like the concept of “rolling release”.

    I have been using various Linux distributions since 1998 and I have never found one that I could whole heartedly recommend to users with little knowledge of computers because most distributions either have a limited life span (e.g. 18 months), use rather outdated software (e.g. Debian stable) or are intended for users with computer knowledge (e.g. Arch Linux).

    SolydXK has the potential of being recommendable for users with little knowledge of computers if the updates do not break the system.

    I will certainly keep an eye on SolydXK and I wish SolydXK and its team much success.

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